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N2PKN Rating: 5/5

What a great product,easy up and down and so small and yes it WORKS !!! Grab a couple and you will be well pleased.


WA6L Rating: 5/5

The Yo-Yo Deluxe is a dipole, and electrically it will work no better or worse than any other dipole. But what makes this antenna special is the ease with which you can deploy it.

I use the Yo-Yo along with a collapsible fiberglass mast and have been able to quickly and easily set up a field-expedient antenna that works extremely well. Most recently, I used it on Field Day for a QRP battery-operated station and had excellent results.

I generally set it up as an inverted-V. That can be a little difficult since the eyelets on the spools are tiny, and you can't connect anything thicker than a piece of string when you go to tie down the ends. A quick work-around for that problem is to add one of those little spiral key-ring holders to each eyelet, and you can now connect thicker wire or even rope. That would be a nice feature to have out of the box.

If you are looking for a well-made and easy antenna for field use, you aren't going to beat this one. And the price is more than reasonable.


John, WA6L

WB5CON Rating: 5/5

I have had the YoYo Deluxe 2 reel dipole for about 3 years. It is the best antenna I have found for portable operation. It takes up very little room when stowed but is easy to set up. Being a full size dipole, it is efficient compared to mobile or portable antennas that are short whips.

I have used it in the city park for Field Day, camping, on a condo balcony on the Gulf Coast, on my sailboat hoisted up the mast on one end and tied to the stern rail on the bottom end for a center fed sloper. I have also taken it to a ham club meeting and used it on 20 meters to demonstrate a live PSK31 station.

I marked the wires for each band so it is very easy to roll out the right length of wire for each band. However, fully extended, it is longer than a 40 meter dipole and works well on 80 through 6 meters with my Z-11 tuner. I have checked in to our 75 meter state net with the YoYo running 5 watts (about 250 mile path).

I have not left it up for any length of time. It is usually up no more than 2 or 3 days each time I use it. I have run a maximum of 100 watts with the antenna but usually run 5 watts.

It is ideal for my portable needs.

KA8CMH Rating: 5/5

Some things not covered so far.

In the previous reviews, it's nice to know the portability factor, the ability to change bands quickly and adjust the antenna length quickly.

But what hasn't been talked about is the permanent installation of the antenna. My system is for 75/80 meters only. But, I have two lengths marked for operation. I have one marking for the lower portion (80 meters) so I can work CW. And then another marking for 75 meter phone. So I can switch to either portion of the band in a matter of just a couple of minutes, with a fantastic SWR.

I have it mounted in a semi-inverted vee configuration, not too high above ground as not to interfere with the tri-bander. So far, the reports have been better than I ever expected. All of my reports have been S-9 or above, whether ground wave or skip. (And mostly S-9 plus!) Truly amazed at the unique construction of this antenna, and how I don't have to fool around with a in-line tuner just so I can go from the CW portion to the phone portion on 75/80 meters.

Well worth the price. They have several models to choose from. Great, friendly service. Go for it! You can't lose!

73 & 88 from Patty Smith

K8IMR Rating: 5/5

Unique, fun & plenty of FD qso's

Used this for Field Day. The length chart they included was a great help. Tweeked the length for max power of 100 watts on each band, no problem. (We had a Yaesu FT-840 with no SWR meter.) But the biggest asset of all was it fit in my lunch box, with plenty of room left for my lunch. I didn't have to drag out a canvas bag with a bunch of poles, pipes and tripods you had to put together. It was ready to go as is. NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. A new way to carry around the tried & true dipole antenna. My hats off to the mfg.


W9OAG Rating: 5/5


I know it's just a dipole. But seeing that this thing was insulated and we didn't have much time for set-up, we just tossed it up on the roof. We were amazed with the results! Take it camping or use it at home. Reminds me of the Hy-Gain windup antennas of the '50's. What ever happened to those things? Good luck, DWM. Hope you sell a million. Darn well worth every penny.

Good luck, 73,


WB1BPV Rating: 5/5

Great Antenna

I give it a 5 because I live in a condo with no balcony and brick walls, yet I am able to make DX contacts on 10, 17 and 20meters with 5watts(FT-817) from my living room using this little gem.It isn't the greatest antenna, but it does work decently in a hotel room or even the inlaws back yard.If your antenna restricted, this can be setup and taken down quicker than the condo association can say "Whats that?"Ive got the Yo-Yo-Deluxe (2 reels) purchased for about $30 plus shipping.Can't beat it for price and performance!!!

KB3CVS Rating: 5/5


I ordered two YO-YO-Tenna Deluxe antennas for use during camping with the scouts. I'm happy to say I've been using them for over 12 months now, and they continue to work well. They are easy to put up (they are lightweight) and they have been durable for me, not one problem. I've done JOTA, Field Day, Kids Day, and taught several Radio Merit badges on these antennas without a problem. I've even installed them side by side with a multiband Alpha Delta, and the Yo-Yo-Tenna outperformed it, and was easier to setup. I also got the extension spools, so that you can simply clip the clip on, and continue spooling out wire for the lower frequencies. I almost always can tune 10-40m without the extension spools, and sometimes on 80m as well. With the extension I can usually tune 80m without problems. Other portable antennas I've tied have not worked as well, these are simple, to the point and work as well as any typical dipole will work.

KC0LMS Rating: 5/5

I Love It!!!!!

I put a rush on delivery to get it in time for a back country trip. I had a great time working many people even if the band conditions were not great. I run the ft-817 and a Z-11 tuner. It took me less than five minutes to deploy and the ease at which it winds back up is wonderful. I give it five stars plus!!!


N7ORS Rating: 5/5

Affordable and Portable

If you are looking for a portable multi-band antenna that is simple to deploy then you should try the YO YO Tenna Deluxe. My first contact on this antenna was Hawaii using 5 watts on 15 meters. I had it draped over some bushes about 5 feet off the ground. I connected an additional 15 feet of RG58 as a feedline. Mine works well on 10,12,15,20 and 30 meters. I haven't tried it on 17 or 40. If you want to work QRP with a minimalist antenna you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars. This antenna is a "mouse-trap" don't try to invent a better one.

KE3TD Rating: 5/5

Very pleased

Apart from several days of very bad band conditions, I've been having good success with your Yo-Yo-Tenna Deluxe so far. My installation is not optimal, but it works just the same. My temporary quarters are a ground floor apartment in a four unit building. My upstairs neighbor kindly helped me to suspend the apex of the dipole from his balcony about 18 to 20 feet up, and the legs spread out full length in an inverted V, tied off in shrubs and trees above head level. (To prevent surprises to the gate guards and gardeners.) I'm getting good signal reports from Europe and the Middle East. (RK, ES, Z3, YO, SB, ON, 7X, OK & SP so far.) It's a great antenna for temporary OR everyday use. It will be a part of my traveling inventory from here on out.

KC1MK Rating: 4/5

Nice portable antenna

I've used a Yo-Yo Tenna Deluxe for portable QRP operation for a bit over a year, and it works very well on 40 through 10 meters. With this antenna, an LDG Z-11 autotuner, and a Yaesu FT-817, I usualy hvae no problem making CW and PSK31 contacts, and have reasonable success most of the time on SSB also. I usually don't set the antenna up for a specific band, but instead set it up as an off-center-fed dipole and tune it with the Z-11. I haven't tried it on 80 meters, as I rarely operate portable at night. A sturdy well-made antenna at a reasonable price.

WB6ZFG Rating: 5/5

Best Portable Antenna I've Ever Used!

I took two Yo-Yo-Tenna's down the Grand Canyon Run on the Colo. River. (One antenna for back-up)Operated QRP using a K-1 and a homebrew T-Tuner, batteries and solar panels. Was on the river 16 days.

The Yo-Yo's did great! 31 contacts at 5 watts or less from the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The best DX was Alaska.

The Yo-Yo's were never more than 15 feet off the ground, most set-ups were 5 feet or less. Had great QSO's with WA, OR, UT, CO, AZ, CA, MO, AK and other states. Best portable antenna I've ever used!

Randy Jackson, WB6ZFG
Bishop, CA

N3AWS Rating: 5/5

Good product/prompt service

I placed an order for the Yo-Yo-Tenna Deluxe last Sunday afternoon. By Sunday evening I had a confirmation that it would ship out first thing Monday morning. It arrived in Wednesday's mail.

I was impressed by the construction. The Yo-Yo was heftier than I imagined and appears ready for years of service. The two "yo-yo's" are about the size and weight of metal construction rulers (well, probably a little lighter). I tried it out on 6, 10, 12, and 17 meters so far and it works well. Don't expect beam-like performance; th Yo-Yo is designed for quickand convenient portable use which it delivers.

This antenna is a natural for Field Day and DWM's quick service means it will arrive in plenty of time!


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