The names kinda funny... but decided to get serious about wind-up antennas. Most of the wind-up antennas marketed today are constructed very flimsily and are just too short. But our "YO-YO-TENNA" wind-up reel antenna has TWICE the amount of antenna wire that these other so-called wind-up reel antenna's have! Forty feet.

And no silly antenna jack adapter for this wind-up antenna! A sturdy alligator clip is soldered to the end of the #22 gauge insulated antenna wire. Just clip it to your portable shortwave radio's whip antenna. It's that easy! Satisfaction guaranteed!

The "YO-YO-TENNA" was named by my son Jeffrey, who said its appearance reminded him of a "Yo-Yo".

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 $19.95    Yo-Yo-Tenna Wind-up Antenna 
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DWM Communication's antennas
have been in use or currently
are in use by:

The U.S. Army Reserve,
the U.S. Army National Guard,
all military MARS organizations,
Sheriff Departments in disaster areas,
ARES and RACES groups,
The Center for Disease Control,
Amateur Radio clubs all over the U.S.
and ARRL Field Day stations around the globe!

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