The "TRAVEL-TENNA" Mobile Shortwave Antenna

Travel TennaNow it really IS possible to listen to your portable shortwave radio inside your car, van or truck!

We know you've tried it. Heck, we've even tried it. Maneuvering your portable shortwave radio's whip antenna out of the passenger window, trying desperately to get better reception. This really doesn't work since your radio... and most of the whip antenna is STILL stuck inside your all metal vehicle! And it's "all that metal" that attenuates your radio's reception. You need to get the antenna OUTSIDE of your vehicle. And that's where the "TRAVEL-TENNA" comes in!

The "TRAVEL-TENNA" is a center-loaded telescopic whip antenna that's firmly and securely attached to an amateur radio vhf/uhf antenna mount. This mount gently slips over your open passenger window... and upon closing the window... is able to stay firmly in place at even the highest highway speeds and gusty winds! The antenna's coaxial feed-line helps to eliminate annoying engine noise. And the antenna comes with enough connectors to fit ANY model of shortwave radio. Yes... even portable radios with no external antenna jack!

No... you won't get "longwire" performance with this device. But you WILL get MUCH better reception than trying to use your radio's own whip antenna inside your vehicle. And that's GUARANTEED! Also comes with a one year repair or replace warranty.

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 $49.95    Travel-Tenna Mobile Shortwave Antenna 
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