We are a small, family run operation. We got our start by developing pre-assembled, homebrew-type gadgets for the disabled and elderly ham radio operator and short-wave listener who wasn't able to "roll their own", but who still wanted to participate in the fun and lower prices of homebrew projects. Soon... the mainstream ham and SWL wanted to take advantage of our unique products and low prices, and the birth and growth of was under way!

For over a quarter century and THOUSANDS of orders later, can proudly say that they have customers in all fifty states and in every corner of the globe! And we owe all of our success to these loyal customers. If you are not yet a customer, please give us a try. We think you will be quite pleased.

Bill Lauterbach

South Pole DX'ing!
We just got these superb photos from KB1LOL Benjamin Urmston, Byrd Camp, Antarctica, showing our antennas being used! Our antennas are great for all kinds of conditions!

Don't forget to buy your very own Yo-Yo Vee!
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Our Yo-Yo-Vee In Use!
Hi, I bought a yo-yo from you about 10 years ago and have used it from many different portable operations . On Feb. 13, 2010, I set it up by my fish house on Movil Lake, 7 miles north of Bemidji, Minnesota. Set it up in an inverted vee configuration. Ran an IC-746 @ 100 watts using 2 12 volt deep cycle batteries and made 68 Q's from the ice with the last one being in Japan. Got many 59+ reports and just wanted to let you know how happy I am with it and hope to keep testing it out in the years to come.


Don't forget to buy your very own Yo-Yo Vee!

Just Too Good for eHam!

The following e-mail was just too good for placement on The folks at often edit reviews. However, we felt every word of this message needed to be told.
Thanks Richard and 73!

June 24th, 2008

I bought the Yo-Yo-Vee about a year ago thinking I would use it while camping in our RV. I forgot all about it until the other day. I had to take my very expensive vertical down for some serious repair. I remembered the Yo-Yo-Vee and the claim that it would run up to full legal power. What the heck; I threw a line over a tree limb about 22 feet off the ground in my very small back yard and set it up as an inverted Vee. This morning I signed on to our 40 meter net running 500 watts and received very good signal reports from the gang state side and then got a signal report from a VK station. Granted it wasnít a great report and he could just make out my call sign, but imagine a very transportable dipole that performs so well. Consider that the conditions sucked this morning and it was only up 22 feet. Itís a great investment!

Great job and thanks.

WU5K Texas
Rave Review On Yo-Yo-Vee w/Baluns
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DWM Communication's antennas
have been in use or currently
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The U.S. Army Reserve,
the U.S. Army National Guard,
all military MARS organizations,
Sheriff Departments in disaster areas,
ARES and RACES groups,
The Center for Disease Control,
Amateur Radio clubs all over the U.S.
and ARRL Field Day stations around the globe!

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Owner Bill Lauterbach (WA8MEA) is a proud member of the Courage-Handi-Ham System and looks upon his hearing disability as a CHALLENGE, not as an obstacle. Handi-Hams has been a tremendous asset in helping Bill to switch from the voice communications he has difficulty hearing, to the new digital modes such as PSK-31 and RTTY.

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